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As members of the union, we run the Local so we can set our own goals and priorities.

What's the difference between a fee payer and a member?

Full Share Member: 

A member of Local 602 means one can vote on the contract, submit contract proposals, vote for Local Officers, vote on the budget, vote on dues rates, attend and participate in membership meetings, participate as an activist, run for officer positions, volunteer to be on university committees, and attend union trainings and conventions.

Higher membership rates show our employers that we're united, so when negotiations time comes along, we can leverage our union strength to win better contracts that give us higher wages and protect our retirement security.

Most importantly, being a member means you are building our ability to effect positive change for our membership, our community, and our economy. When unions are strong, the wage floor is lifted for everyone - and that money goes right back into our local economy.

Fee Payer:

Do the minimal dues from fee payers pay for all services and benefits?

Dues paid by fee payers only cover the direct costs of union representation, such as, contract negotiations, grievances, and arbitration.  Fee payers are not members but pay what Minnesota Statute 179A, Public Employment Relations Act (PERLA) calls fair share.  Becoming a member costs just a couple extra dollars a month - and it's worth every penny.

A large portion of our dues go toward strengthening our voice on the job. We also prioritize spending that gives back to our community. Because we know that we all do better when we elect pro-labor officials who share our values, we also participate in and contribute to political activities that benefit Minnesota's working families.

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